Sep 5, 2010

Blueberry Arts Festival 2010

The first Saturday of August brings Ketchikan our annual Blueberry Arts Festival. A time of frenzied artists, delicious crepes, kids with blue cotton candy overloads, music by overeager teenagers and beer drinking. All of this to celebrates our abundance of a lovely little berry. I am one of those frenzied artists and when the booth is tucked away I celebrate the abundance with another Alaskan speciality: 
Alaskan Amber.

Here are a few pictures of my Salty Designs booth from the festival....

Large Mermaid Purses

Small Mermaid Purse with Mermaid Pouches

Tunicate Laptop bag and small Mermaid Purse

Let it Rain Hat

Davey Jones Messenger Bags

Snapper Wallets

Sadly I haven't managed to take pictures of the rest of the evening. But you can imagine. Same girl, rosier cheeks and much funnier jokes.

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