Sep 10, 2010

A Walk, a Puppy and the Weekly Tray

Tosh and I have been homeschooling for two weeks now. The first week we had a lot of trouble with excessive wiggling. So this week Tosh and I have been going for walks in the morning with our friends, Sarah and Sophie. This morning was rainy and beautiful. We walked around Ward Lake. Then the kids cut loose and played in the grass. 

Tosh, an aspiring cowboy.


A very lucky boy

Sarah and Sophie

I collected some bits of nature for the studio on our walk.  I have some blue trimmed artist's trays that I adore. I put whatever I'm working on in them. They frame my projects and make them feel like they are already pieces of art, even before they are finished. I'm going to a post what's in my tray at least once a week. Here is the first:

Here are the bits all ready to be scattered around the studio. I'm always happier when I have plants around. The bottles in the foreground are old soap containers from the bathroom in the studio-way too cool to live under the sink.

In other news, my mom got a puppy. 

It's name is Doc Watson.